JUN 01 2016

Gizmo Staff


Gizmo reveals TriPeaks new game trailer

We’re proud to reveal the latest game trailer of Tri Peaks Solitaire, directed by Emmanuel Verruno.

Gizmo has completed this project with The Roster and the award winning mobile marketing Agency Fetch for its Client GSN Games.

It has been an amazing experience and our Artists and Producers simply love working on this kind of projects. Game trailers are our thing!

We hope you like our work as much as we enjoyed doing it every second.

The journey started with the GSN sharing some screenshots of their games and the 2D designs of the characters. We took the key elements from the game environments and developed them to create a richer 3D environment.

The first things we worked on and shared periodically with our client were the concepts. In these, we captured our intention of in-frame composition, lighting, and also the morphology of the elements that were part of each set.

These concepts were our Bible when modelling, checking shaders and most of all, lighting.

We hope you enjoy it!


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