APR 01 2016

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Art Department takeover: till the next one!

Tank ArmourWarefare 02 1024x5761

We are at the end of this week’s journey through some of the amazing work of our Art Department, going through some style frames from different presentations, projects and campaigns we’ve been working these last months.

And there comes a point when a ballerina and a male cleaning superhero have to get together, right?

And then, our Artists have to combine the graceful movements and magic of a ballerina and the manly features of this other character standing beside.

In this particular case it was crucial respecting textures and color of each character, and the contrasts between them, as well as trying different facial expressions and poses.

Artist: Nicolás Villarreal

Look Development: Emo Enriquez

In this particular case, from the first drafts till the final concepts we tried to maintain the humor needed in their postures, gestures, exaggerating some features and some movement, inventing some gear and objects for the characters.

Hope you have enjoyed these round of posts to portrait some of the artwork our team of Artists is dedicated to every day! Have a great weekend and see you next week with some exciting work here from Gizmo!

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