FEB 19 2016

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Follow your Heart – Spotlight on Gizmo


Follow your heart

Gizmo and its Founder & Director Emmanuel Verruno have recently work along Inglinks Creative and Director Rob O’Neil in the upcoming short film Follow your heart. And here is just a spotlight Inglinks has made on Gizmo, where we share some of the great experience it was to be a part of this beautiful film:

“Follow Your Heart” was animated by Gizmo Animation, a studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina with additional offices in Mexico and Madrid. Some of Gizmo’s recent clients include Netflix, Disney, Beats by Dre, ESPN, Kraft, Bayer, Ford, Hasbro, Honda, and Nestlé. Through its 11 years of work , the company has received honors and awards from prestigious arts and entertainment institutions such as Cannes Lions, the Clio Awards, the London International Awards, the New York Festival, the El Sol Festival, the El Ojo de Iberoamerica Festival and The One Show, among others.

Said Gizmo’s founder and the Animation Director and Head of Art on the project Emmanuel Verruno, “At Gizmo Animation, we love to design new worlds. The short film format really allowed us to create a very rich environment where the characters can live and work. The film has no dialogue, so it was a great challenge for us to work with the pure reactions of the characters and create meaningful visual moments.”

When speaking about the unique design of Skip, Mary’s heart, Verruno commented, “One of the challenges of the project was to bring Skip, Mary’s pet, to life. In Mary’s world, all of the animals resemble human hearts. We needed to develop an animation style that allowed this organic form to achieve a believable weight and movement and also convey a strong emotional inner life.”

To see more of Gizmo Animation’s work, visit: https://gizmosite.tv


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