JAN 20 2014

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Honda prensets ¨Trumpets¨

Honda 02

Buenos aires. Honda Motors Argentina presents “Trumpets” the new spot for the release in Argentina of its emblematic Accord V6, model that adds into its features the variable cylinders system. Besides, the spot is the first commercial the brand has produced completely in the country.

VCM’s technology activates and deactivates cylinders of powerful V6’s engine instinctively, working with 3, 4 or 6 cylinders according to driving needs; providing always maximun strength which at the same time reduces fuel usage.

In this spot, different trumpets of 3 or 4 piston valves refer to the Accord v6 cylinders, with the first three of them it contributes on the fuel saving, with the 4th one it provides acceleration and finally as a result of the activation of the six of them it offers the user a great driving feeling.

The idea and general production was in charge of WTF?, agency responsible of communication of Automobiles division for Honda Motors Argentina since end of 2013 and counted with the participation & talent of argentinian writer and director Juan Solanas.


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