JUN 24 2016

Gizmo Staff

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Back to the Deep Blue sea

Today, we want to bring back a project we did some time ago, Deep Blue , a saga of 4 books in which six mermaids try to protect and save their hidden worlds spread in different places in the ocean.

Accompanying the sales launching of the first book, Gizmo produced the first animated trailer where two main characters, Seraphina and Ava, were brought to life to return to the “Great Volcano” a powerful talisman.

Based on 2D concepts developed by our Client, Gizmo turned all characters and environments into a passionate 3D world.

For this project we were after finding a realistic look and feel which would allow us to reach, through an animated world, a teenage audience, to whom this saga was aimed to. This was a huge challenge for Gizmo due to the technical complexity (characters with complex shaders and rigs , clothes simulation, fluids, development of different hair systems, VFX, etc) and in a tight Schedule of 3 and a half moths.

This is just and example of Gizmo’s expertise in character development. We have a strong R&D team of TD’s who are dedicated to improving character performance.

We have developed own in-house hair simulator for rapid fur mapping and hair dynamics to reduce render time but deliver a high standard of work.

We have finished a new high dynamic facial and body rig to enhance facial performance and body mechanics through short production cycles.


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