OCT 12 2017

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Gizmo’s 13th Anniversary

This month is our 13th Anniversary and we want to celebrate it and to be thankful for every amazing thing that has happened.

Thirteen years have past since Gizmo opened its doors. And 13 is a number with great power and strength, the same mix the studio has put into each day of work.

Andrea Bacigalupo and Ema Verruno founded the studio leaving successful careers in their field, one coming from a Creative Agency and the other from Architecture, but both with one main goal: to create in Latin America a space that would provide the same quality of other global animation companies.

The challenges were many and in the process Gizmo was lucky enough to work and create bonds with Creative Leaders and Industry Professionals who always managed to add value in each project.

“The first project when we arrived at JWT Argentina was the Ford Ka Monsters campaign. The creative team had a very good, ambitious idea which was pretty much impossible to carry through. Then we met Gizmo”, recall Gonzalo Vecino and Pablo Alvarez Travieso, Founders of Awarded Agency La Niña, “from there on we are joined by a relationship of more than 10 years where we did many projects, one more enjoyable than the other. And beyond the quality and professionalism, you can see with the naked eye, we created a friendship and an understanding as a team”.

Over the years the company has been adding capabilities, from 3D and 2D projects, motion capture and augmented reality, to work also in the development of multi-platform content and the creation of game trailers which is today one of the Studio’s main cores.

“In addition to the awards we have been lucky enough to receive from festivals around the world, we have been fortunate enough to be part of fun and difficult projects”, tells us Andrea Bacigalupo, Partner and Executive Producer of Gizmo, “Like when we chose to change the course of our careers: putting ourselves in an uncomfortable place has taught Ema and me that the reward is priceless. That’s why we always choose to live up to great and challenging adventures and help each client to achieve whatever they have dreamed of.”

With this vision, Gizmo has positioned itself as one of the most recognized animation and VFX companies in the industry, with thousands of projects under its belt, with Production teams and Artists that have grown with us in their craft, achieving extraordinary results of which we are humbly proud.

When we invite our Artists, Clients and Colleagues to share our passion for animation it is not just a saying, but rather a way of facing everything, every project and why not, every bump on the road.

Talking about how the studio meets the future, Ema Verruno, Partner and Director of Gizmo tells us that “we must anticipate the needs of the market, listen to our customers and the people who use and watch our products. This is what we have been doing for more than a decade and it is what gives us the tools to continue growing, training our teams and creating fascinating worlds in our path.”

We have accomplished a lot together. We have brought to life amazing environments and loving creatures, we have reinforced the idea that working as a team is the answer, we have let ourselves amaze by the magic of image-making and we have learned that mistakes lead to growth. But most of all we have made friends around the world, and that is our main driving force for the next decades to come.


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